Fertility Awareness in the Wild: A Real World Companion

This book will delight beginners and experienced FAM practitioners. It teaches the basics of observing, charting and interpreting fertility signals, while discussing a deeper perspective on the importance of awareness in all aspects of life.

Fanciful and pragmatic at the same time, Fertility Awareness in the Wild argues that fertility awareness is not just a means to an end but is a rewarding mode of being in itself.

"This got me excited about fertility awareness! It reads like a friendly scientist sharing their experience. I got a lot of tips and ideas I hadn't thought of, even though I've read a number of fertility books. Helpful whether you are just learning about fertility or have been down the road a ways. I especially like the assignments in each section that help you get it right."

- Lauren McClain, Better Birth Blog

The Homebirth Transfer Handbook

The Homebirth Transfer Handbook is a roadmap for planning for a possible transfer to the hospital from a community setting, whether home or birth center. It answers questions such as:

- What are your rights in the hospital and how can you best secure them?

- Can you still have a vaginal birth as a homebirth transfer?

- What can you do to have the best chance of a smooth transfer?

- What special considerations should you think about ahead of time?

Finding a Gentle Cesarean

Find out how to access a "gentle cesarean" or "mother-centered cesarean" - even if you are hoping and planning for a vaginal birth.

Includes a list of local providers.

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