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I began my doula work with DONA in 2009 in New York City. After taking on fewer births for a couple of years, and having my own babies, I restarted my practice in 2015 in the Albany Capital Region and Columbia County. Here are some testimonials from former clients:

"Hana was a wealth of information and support prior to the delivery, during and even post delivery. During the birthing process, she was utterly amazing with her calm and her wonderful massages. My natural delivery could not have been smoother, and I know it would not have been possible without Hana."

- Phaedra 

"Having a natural birth without unneeded interventions or chemicals in a NYC hospital seemed like a daunting task, but was important to me... Hana always knew exactly what kind of support to give me at each rapidly changing stage: whether it was by using touch to relax my muscles or by using her words to connect me with my inner power... Hana helped me travel through all these moments, allowing my birthing process to be mainly one of excitement and joy."


- Mary

"My husband and I were uncertain as to whether we needed a doula... After meeting with Hana, we felt that having her on our team would give us a better chance of having a positive birth experience.

"We could not have been happier with that decision. My water broke at 2 am and I labored at home with Hana and my husband for the entire next day. Hana was a calming and nurturing presence, massaging me during contractions and helping us navigate the changing rhythms of labor... When it came time to push, Hana encouraged and inspired me to keep going for nearly four hours. Almost 34 hours after my water broke, our son was born vaginally with very few interventions and we had the positive birth experience we were hoping for. I do not believe that we would have had the same outcome without Hana. We are incredibly grateful to her."


- Julia and Michael



Hana Askren is a mother of two, a financial journalist by day and birth doula by night, a Jew who lives with Quakers, a volunteer firefighter, and a former Olympic hopeful in freestyle wrestling. Her highest values are self-determination and autonomy, as well as relationship, gratitude, and community.

Hana delights in uncovering hard-to-find information, and in making opaque subjects fun, and hopes her writing will help readers.  


She lives in East Chatham and commutes regularly to New York City.



I am pleased to offer Fertility Awareness in the Wild, written as a gift to my community. I am working on several other topics including Traveling for Birth, Homebirth Transfers, Against Medical Advice, and Gentle C-Sections. Please get in touch if there is a topic you would like to see me cover, and join my email list to receive a quarterly roundup of new writing and writing in progress. Please feel free to contact me directly for doula support or fertility awareness method counseling.


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